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Ericka & I in London

Dear Mom,

I started blogging because I wanted my mother to know what I was up to while I was studying abroad. I did not want her worrying, as mother's tend to do.  I love to travel and really believe that your twenties are a time to explore. I cannot wait to see more of the world; hopefully, I will have the gall and the opportunity to do so. You can click back on archived posts if you want to waste time; otherwise, enjoy the highlighted posts below listed under International, Domestic, and two posts for Bentley's newspaper. 
XXX Helen

International Travel


Domestic Travel

I also wrote for Bentley University's newspaper "The Vangaurd"  while studying abroad. Here are a few clips:

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  1. okay we are meant to be best friends. i am in love with traveling and have been to most of these places! i studied abroad in france, interned in london, backpacked all of europe a few times, lived in DC, and will never stop exploring! can't wait to read your blog.. newest follower! follow us back at XOXO