Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mt. katahdin

This trip by far was the most trying and scariest thing I have done. 120% worse than sky diving and having my scuba dive mask kicked off by a fellow diver... Combined. Seriously. This hike was challenging.

We started by ascending a light 1000 ft over the course of the first 3 miles. It was freezing cold and drizzling! We had a couple of outlook views that were pretty. And then we hit the cathedral trail. Within the first five ft I was done. Some rock climbing was needed. A couple times I had to wait to see how others would tackle the ascent.

On the way up we ran into a few other couples hiking - no one was responding with "yea we're hiking the knifes edge too." People who had hiked it before said it was too windy.

We reached the summit after me breaking down twice. It was so windy, foggy, rainy and cold. Joe the second time I stated "we are hiking right back down, we are not doing knifes edge" retorted "oh we're doing it, you made me drive six hrs to get here." 

The trail was barely a ft wide in some areas and the train crossed over the peak in many places. I started tearing up I was so scared at one point. Halfway across the knife's edge trail the wind blew the fog and clouds away and we were rewarded with views like none other.

 We ran into less than 10 people on the trail. Five of which was a bachelor party from Canada. The wind was so dangerous at one point we decided to follow the party off the trail. We didn't  have a map and were severely confused going down helions trail as it starts down the opposite side of the mtn. 

Joe kept telling me we were going the wrong way. But with no phone and no map I just wanted to get down the mtn. Good thing we did because it started raining. I drove back to the campsite we were staying at and we went to the inn restaurant. I immediately told the waitress to bring me a bottle of wine. There was no way I had spent over 12 hrs on a mtn in Maine and then was expected to sleep on the ground without it! :) 

On the way back we stopped at Portland's Shipyard Brewery. I def want to head back there soon!

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