Thursday, May 22, 2014

California dreaming

I've always wanted to go to Cali. It had always been in the big ol life plan to head there after college. Do a road trip, live / work out there. Instead, I was lucky enough to visit for a long weekend with Joe.


We went to LA and stayed at the Mondrian, an uber modern hotel with an amazing pool bar.


 Joe was impressed with the modern art featured on each floor of the hotel. It was a cut out hole in the wall which projected filtered light inside. It was the most bizarre set up with just a plastic white chair beside it on each floor.

On our last night we met a bunch of Europeans who were just as stupefied by the light projection. They started making light of it but Joe said "no, go look at it". The first guy got off the elevator and sticks his hand out towards the wall to touch the light, when he didn't hit a wall he was shocked and said "hey!" The second guy got off on another floor and looked back at us before sticking his head in, shouting "hullo"! I was in stitches because I though the concept was stupid, but clearly people like it.

On Valentines Day we walked around 3rd st promenade. There were these little kids walking around handing out pink carnations to single girls which was adorable!

We took surfing lessons at Santa Monica Beach.

And then walked down to Venice beach.

We then went to Coast to eat and had the most amazing dessert ever - chocolate lava cake with salted caramel sauce and ice cream. To die for.

We hiked to the Hollywood sign

We then went to the Getty Museum. I was almost more impressed with the architecture and the landscaping than the art work inside.

I honestly cannot wait to explore more of CALI!

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