Thursday, April 10, 2014

Killington Skiing

Bentley's alumni group planned a trip for all of us to go to Killington. The trip was not as packed as I expected it would be. It was such a deal! 

I had been looking to book a trip to Killington earlier in the season and it was outrageously priced. Ski tickets and weekend hotels are not cheap. There are a lot of people willing to freeze and chance their lives on a frozen mtn.

Joe and I went skiing both days and we all had so much fun. I hope more join in next year as it is a perfect weekend. Ski all day and play all night.

The trip up was harrowing. There were a lot of spin outs! But once we got there we realized the weekend was going to be awesome. They have free shuttles running to and from all the local bars! 

Bentley had set up events each night. On Sat we went to the wobbly barn and thee pickle barrel. It was so fun. I loved the pickle barrel, we kept getting free pickle back shots from a Jameson promoter. Après ski was a ton of fun - I'm almost surprised we made it to the next bar! 

I have to say it, but my friends are awesome. I know everyone has wild times with their friends, but whenever I am with my pledge sisters in a new place the night usually ends with some guy taking us all home in a limo. I don't hate it!

It's so depressing the end of ski season here and everyone is having pond skiing contests! Every year I resolve to go skiing more and every year I fail In this. I think it's mostly because most of my friends are expert skiers and as I've gotten older I'm not as eager to try and kill myself skiing through the woods or down a slope I cannot stop on. Luckily, this trip my gfs were beginners and the guys were on snowboards, so I felt confident on the greens and blues all weekend and the conditions were perfect! I am definitely going to try to head up on this trip again next year!

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