Tuesday, April 8, 2014


What did we do before Pinterest? I love seeing what others make / think up! I took an idea I saw last year and finally put my own spin on it. The blogger had taken tiles and made them into coasters using the cardboard from beer boxes. Pretty nifty gift for a guy pad!

I decided to use photos / old maps Joe and I had collected on our recent trips instead - came out awesome and will make a great personalized gift!

First measure out your tile and make a cardboard copy. This will help cut perfectly square felt pieces to go on the bottom of the tile and help you cut out your maps/photos. **try to ensure your items are flat prior to crafting, flatten maps with books if they have ceases!

Then hot glue the felt to the bottom of the tile.

 I doubled up the bottom felt! I'd almost suggest using cork instead! Seems better than a ceramic breakable tile?! :)

Then flip over and coat with Modge Podge. Paste on your square photo and hit it again with a coat of Modge Podge. 


No idea if he'll like them, but I adore them :)

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