Thursday, May 22, 2014

California dreaming

I've always wanted to go to Cali. It had always been in the big ol life plan to head there after college. Do a road trip, live / work out there. Instead, I was lucky enough to visit for a long weekend with Joe.


We went to LA and stayed at the Mondrian, an uber modern hotel with an amazing pool bar.


 Joe was impressed with the modern art featured on each floor of the hotel. It was a cut out hole in the wall which projected filtered light inside. It was the most bizarre set up with just a plastic white chair beside it on each floor.

On our last night we met a bunch of Europeans who were just as stupefied by the light projection. They started making light of it but Joe said "no, go look at it". The first guy got off the elevator and sticks his hand out towards the wall to touch the light, when he didn't hit a wall he was shocked and said "hey!" The second guy got off on another floor and looked back at us before sticking his head in, shouting "hullo"! I was in stitches because I though the concept was stupid, but clearly people like it.

On Valentines Day we walked around 3rd st promenade. There were these little kids walking around handing out pink carnations to single girls which was adorable!

We took surfing lessons at Santa Monica Beach.

And then walked down to Venice beach.

We then went to Coast to eat and had the most amazing dessert ever - chocolate lava cake with salted caramel sauce and ice cream. To die for.

We hiked to the Hollywood sign

We then went to the Getty Museum. I was almost more impressed with the architecture and the landscaping than the art work inside.

I honestly cannot wait to explore more of CALI!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Mt. katahdin

This trip by far was the most trying and scariest thing I have done. 120% worse than sky diving and having my scuba dive mask kicked off by a fellow diver... Combined. Seriously. This hike was challenging.

We started by ascending a light 1000 ft over the course of the first 3 miles. It was freezing cold and drizzling! We had a couple of outlook views that were pretty. And then we hit the cathedral trail. Within the first five ft I was done. Some rock climbing was needed. A couple times I had to wait to see how others would tackle the ascent.

On the way up we ran into a few other couples hiking - no one was responding with "yea we're hiking the knifes edge too." People who had hiked it before said it was too windy.

We reached the summit after me breaking down twice. It was so windy, foggy, rainy and cold. Joe the second time I stated "we are hiking right back down, we are not doing knifes edge" retorted "oh we're doing it, you made me drive six hrs to get here." 

The trail was barely a ft wide in some areas and the train crossed over the peak in many places. I started tearing up I was so scared at one point. Halfway across the knife's edge trail the wind blew the fog and clouds away and we were rewarded with views like none other.

 We ran into less than 10 people on the trail. Five of which was a bachelor party from Canada. The wind was so dangerous at one point we decided to follow the party off the trail. We didn't  have a map and were severely confused going down helions trail as it starts down the opposite side of the mtn. 

Joe kept telling me we were going the wrong way. But with no phone and no map I just wanted to get down the mtn. Good thing we did because it started raining. I drove back to the campsite we were staying at and we went to the inn restaurant. I immediately told the waitress to bring me a bottle of wine. There was no way I had spent over 12 hrs on a mtn in Maine and then was expected to sleep on the ground without it! :) 

On the way back we stopped at Portland's Shipyard Brewery. I def want to head back there soon!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Killington Skiing

Bentley's alumni group planned a trip for all of us to go to Killington. The trip was not as packed as I expected it would be. It was such a deal! 

I had been looking to book a trip to Killington earlier in the season and it was outrageously priced. Ski tickets and weekend hotels are not cheap. There are a lot of people willing to freeze and chance their lives on a frozen mtn.

Joe and I went skiing both days and we all had so much fun. I hope more join in next year as it is a perfect weekend. Ski all day and play all night.

The trip up was harrowing. There were a lot of spin outs! But once we got there we realized the weekend was going to be awesome. They have free shuttles running to and from all the local bars! 

Bentley had set up events each night. On Sat we went to the wobbly barn and thee pickle barrel. It was so fun. I loved the pickle barrel, we kept getting free pickle back shots from a Jameson promoter. Après ski was a ton of fun - I'm almost surprised we made it to the next bar! 

I have to say it, but my friends are awesome. I know everyone has wild times with their friends, but whenever I am with my pledge sisters in a new place the night usually ends with some guy taking us all home in a limo. I don't hate it!

It's so depressing the end of ski season here and everyone is having pond skiing contests! Every year I resolve to go skiing more and every year I fail In this. I think it's mostly because most of my friends are expert skiers and as I've gotten older I'm not as eager to try and kill myself skiing through the woods or down a slope I cannot stop on. Luckily, this trip my gfs were beginners and the guys were on snowboards, so I felt confident on the greens and blues all weekend and the conditions were perfect! I am definitely going to try to head up on this trip again next year!


Making presents!

Gold sharpie + 350 degrees thirty mins.

Just need to add the pink salt, bar napkins and tequila :) 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


What did we do before Pinterest? I love seeing what others make / think up! I took an idea I saw last year and finally put my own spin on it. The blogger had taken tiles and made them into coasters using the cardboard from beer boxes. Pretty nifty gift for a guy pad!

I decided to use photos / old maps Joe and I had collected on our recent trips instead - came out awesome and will make a great personalized gift!

First measure out your tile and make a cardboard copy. This will help cut perfectly square felt pieces to go on the bottom of the tile and help you cut out your maps/photos. **try to ensure your items are flat prior to crafting, flatten maps with books if they have ceases!

Then hot glue the felt to the bottom of the tile.

 I doubled up the bottom felt! I'd almost suggest using cork instead! Seems better than a ceramic breakable tile?! :)

Then flip over and coat with Modge Podge. Paste on your square photo and hit it again with a coat of Modge Podge. 


No idea if he'll like them, but I adore them :)

Sunday, March 30, 2014


I once tried making humus from dried beans and it did not nearly work as well!! Maybe I will try it again, because this recipe turned out great! I'd definitely bring this out for tv days with friends and fam.

1 can of Goya Gorgonzola beans
2 tablespoons tahini <- some say you can substitute with peanut butter. I found this in the organic aisle.
3 tablespoons olive oil
3 tablespoons garlic
Zest and juice of half a lemon
Half a teaspoon Pepper
Half a teaspoon Salt

All of this can just be thrown into a blender. (How easy - no cooking or real order! My kind of recipe!!) This is when it should get that nice creamy texture. 

I added the salt, pepper and lemon last so that I could continuously taste until I had it how I wanted it. I ended up adding more salt and some Italian seasoning. 

This is a cool recipe for Humus as it is so basic. My guy friends asked me to make this again, but with peppers! I think I would have liked it more if I added some chopped up olives* at the end, but not everyone loves olives...

* I had never heard the olive theory until recently, that one person in a relationship loves olives and the other hates them - test it out with your friends, the theory tests true for mine!

#yum cannot wait to make again!