Thursday, May 9, 2013

Squats & Crunches

Running is a constant awareness of your body's health. I did a hard work out with a friend and the next day my knees kept giving out while running downhill. It's irking to feel the baby aches and pains that sting and burn and make you question if you should be out running again so soon. Allergies kept me inside for the past few days, but I am hoping with this rain we had today that I can head out tomorrow after a couple weeks hiatus!

Two days ago I started a Squat Challenge I found on Pinterest. I mean look below, it's just so pretty! I'll let you guys know the results in a month, but if anyone wants to jump in and do it with me.... Please do :)

This pink chart is a fun way to ensure you hold yourself accountable for each day's workout. Write the number of squats on one side and the day on the other. Rip them off as you accomplish each day's goal!

Tonight I also tried a new yoga ball workout. It is super easy, moderately timed (15 minutes) and can be modified to be easier/harder. If you do it correctly you will fee the burn :) Crunches are so necessary as it builds your core. All runners should love and work hard to achieve an amazing core. Need it to run healthy and strong!

Shoot me a comment or link to workout suggestions!

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