Friday, May 3, 2013


I hate spending anything over $50 for a trend. I'm cheap. I'll own it. I take pride in the fact I can find $10 dresses, I'm frugal and always looking for a steal. What did you expect? I am the daughter of a pawnbroker after all.

I look for value items if I am going to spend money. Unfortunately, there are a lot of trends right now and I can not seem to really entice myself. However, I did just buy a $9 Calvin Klein neon tank and was trying to figure out what shoes to wear with it.

Looking at my shoe pile is troublesome. I have nude heels/flats/peeptoe, black heels/flats/peeptoe - call me boring. I have been trying to diversify, but I am so cheap I can't bring myself to pay over $39 for shoes that I will surely bang / scuff up. I was woefully staring into my closet and saw my old black pumps which I wore while abroad. They were in pitiful shape, my mother had sent them to a cobbler, but never were they quite the same.

After crafting for Mother's Day, I had some left over gold spray paint and decided to paint them like a cute pair I had seen a few days earlier. I cannot wait to wear them now. :)

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