Wednesday, May 15, 2013

RTB food

I am beyond excited to be packing for this race, I think I have everything that I need packed into a small duffel bag. Look at the food! Yes all that, plus all the items I listed in a previous post fit into a small duffel. CRAY!      I should be a professional weekend packer by now.  In addition to all of this food, my mother is the most supportive mom ever and is providing the team pizza after I run my first leg!  I also bought a jug/case of water and an 8 pack of Gatorade. The only thing I am going to want is a Venti Iced Coffee.

Yesterday, I stopped at Dick's Sporting Goods to return a sweatshirt. I really wanted a simple, plain, black zip-up. Preferably an Underarmour hoodie. Is that too much to ask for? I ordered what I thought would fit the bill a month ago, but when I tried it on, it didn't fit my broad shoulders. ( Maybe I should have tried swimming instead of running.) My guy friends get upset when I wear boy sweats, but if it fits, I really don't see a problem... besides them missing a sweatshirt/pants for a few hours. The reason why I am even looking for a new sweatshirt is because my father wants me to toss all of my old sweatshirts. (I hope I am not the only one who gets attached to old comfy clothes, nothing has holes in it and they still keep me warm. I just don't see a problem with wearing an "I <3 London" or an old sorority sweatshirt in the house?)  Regardless, I am on the search for a comfy black zip-up. I did find a few deals while at Dick's that I could not pass up - like a $15 lavender sweatshirt and another pair of bright, visibility shorts.

After speaking with a store rep, I was disheartened to learn that my favorite sneakers have been discontinued. We all know I will be moping until I find another pair that I can grow to love. I was looking for new sneakers, as mine are just about hitting the one year mark. I am convinced that I have abused them to the point that they are now abusing me. Yes, my knee is absolutely killing me. I have come to the conclusion that I am suffering from Runner's Knee for the past few weeks. I cannot tell if I just upped mileage to soon, or I sprained it while doing shuffle drills, or if I should have been doing more strength training... Could be a multitude of things besides my sneakers wearing out. But I am convinced my sneakers are a contributing factor. Hopefully, my knee holds out for the race. The store rep encouraged me to buy a Patella Band ($19) when he saw how stubborn I was going to be about finding new sneakers. ( Sneakers are a huge investment!!) I've always thought the bands looked stupid and were unnecessary for athletes, but if it works? I will be eating my words and going back to thank that rep!

Week 2  of Squat Challenge
70, 75, 80 

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