Friday, May 10, 2013

Packing for RTB

I am so excited for RTB. When my Big sister in DPhiE initially called me asking me to run a few legs for her team, I started laughing. She told me I had no choice. Trapped, I did two things 1. Started training 2. Started Assistant Coaching. The second was the best possible thing I could have done. Keeping younger girls motivated, motivated me in the process. It was a reality check listening and watching them surpass their own PRs. I know they told me more than once that it was easier to complete a workout while I was running with them because someone else was holding them accountable. I don't think they realized I knew this already, as it works in reverse as well.  Ideally, I wanted them to grow to become confident, strong runners who would enjoy going out this summer on their own (and some of our J.V. girls already have started this as their season has ended!).

Running is a constant battle, not an easy one either.  Having someone accountable running with you is a love/hate relationship, and knowing this I tried to switch up running groups throughout the season. Having the girls to coach helped me keep my mind focused. Some days were significantly harder than others as I would be doing my workout then coming to practice to do theirs. Haha sometimes I didn't know what I was in for as the Head Coach devised the workouts. On those days, I would inwardly groan myself. I hope that my cheerleading and support were as beneficial to the girls as they were to me.

I had been putting off doing a half marathon because I did not think I had the stamina nor strength to complete one without walking. After this race, I think I will have the guts to do it. I just finished a relatively flat, beautiful sea route 10K back in April and proved to myself, I can do the mileage necessary for a leg of RTB.

 312  32/159  F1829   51:33   51:09   8:14 Helen Longvall         23 F   986 Boylston MA  

However, my first leg for RTB is considered a rolling hill route. I would like to point out that I somehow was given the leg that goes DIRECTLY through my town. I hate running in my town because it is essentially one big hill! haha and I will be forced to race up it. I know that this is no rolling hill leg.

 In the meantime, I started packing. It's only a week away after all!


Entire Race:
Sneakers, Sandles, Glasses, Glasses Container
Use Large Ziplock Bags to Number Leg Outfits to quickly grab clothes, stay organized, and keep smelly clothes locked away from clean clothes :)

Day Running Gear Leg 9:
Shorts, Neon Shirt, Socks, Sports Bra, Panties
Car Clothes to Sleep in:
Leggings/Sweatpants, Long Sleeve Shirt, Sweatshirt, Bra, Panties
*  light blanket and/or small pillow if you must *

Night Running Gear Leg 24:
Long spandex, Shorts, Underarmour Neon Pink Shirt, Gloves, 
Hat, Ear wrap, Long Socks, Sports Bra, Panties, Hand Warmers
(I'm a Wimp)

Day Running Gear Leg 36:
Shorts, Tank, Neon Running Cover, Sports Bra, Socks, Panties

Finisher's Clothes
Tank, Long Sleeve, Shorts, Socks, Sports Bra, Panties
Smile :)


1. Water bottle 2. Reflective Stickers 3. Blinking Lights 4. Reflective Vest
(You need all these things to race RTB at night  [and more] - I'm not a huge dork ... although now that I have the items, might as well use them right..?)


Sunglasses, Sunglasses Container
Waterproof Sport Sunscreen


Tech: Cell Phone, Car Charger, Camera, Ipod, Watch, 
Personal: Money, ID
 Race: Leg Maps, Race Rules, Costume


Garbage Bags, 
Toilette Paper, 
Cleaning: Paper Towels, Wipes


1. Vitamin C 2. Daily Vitamin (putting these into a medicine case) 
3. (First Aid) Band-aids, Neosporin 4. Athletic Tape 
5. Advil, Tiger Balm > Icy Hot 
6. Allergy Meds: Cough Drops, Allegra D, Inhaler
7. Vasaline & Chapstick (Burts Bees)
8. Toothpaste/Toothbrush
9. Hair Elastics / Lady Items


I've put a lot of thought into this one. I really like the new Adidas bags as one has the necessary mesh siding for sneakers / used clothes and has a water resistant base. However, I found this one lying around the house and snagged it. It has the mesh paneling I love. Another side panel for all my night gear. And I just packed an old track drawstring bag with all of my "other items." Of course I rolled all of my clothes up to pack more efficiently. 

Now I just need to pack my favorite / hard part... FOOD! :)

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