Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day

7 AM - 11 AM

This year I woke up at a lake (waking up by the water always improves my overall mood) and drove to a race in my hometown Boylston. The race is in memorial of a girl who attended Tahanto HS while I attended Tahanto middle school. She was significantly older than me, so I only knew her in passing, but everyone, had a high opinion of her. Her friends and family host a race every Memorial Day to raise money for a scholarship in her honor. The scholarship goes to a well-rounded Boylston female resident, graduating from Tahanto, who plans to attend a 4 yr college. It goes without saying, I greatly enjoy supporting this race.

The race is always a slow 5k for me. My town is essentially one big hill, so this 5k is moderately challenging. There are about 500 runners with a great mix of abilities. There are top area racers, top hs athletes, little kids running with their parents, and beginner runners jogging/walking the course. There is room for all in this small town race. There are tech shirts for all participants and prizes for the top age bracket runners. This year, I consider myself fortunate to have snagged an award. I say snagged, as I thought there was an additional runner in my age bracket who beat me. Overall, I was the 7th female runner to cross the finish line. It was nice hearing that I was not the only one coming into the race with a slight hangover from weekend festivities, but I was upset at my old running buddy Rob for bailing for the same reason.

I felt sick around mile 2, I went out too fast, but my knee did not bother me until after the race.  My first mile pace was under 7 minutes, my second and third will have been much longer. I averaged a 7:30 pace. Not upset, not impressed. Regardless of the hungover, sleep deprived state - I have not ran a 5k in five years. My fastest 5k was a 19:09 (never managed to break 19), so the 23:17 I ran for this race seems slow and felt slow. I didn't realize how short a 5k would feel after running three 6-7 mile legs (20+ mi total) for Reach The Beach Relay last weekend! I thought there was an extra mile coming when I was at the end of my third mile. The runners who were drafting off me must have groaned when I realized there wasn't an extra mile and kicked. We cruised into the finish line, which felt great.


I went home showered, packed a BBQ outfit (hopeful the meet would end early) and left for Westfield State. It was such a long two hour drive, but the NDA girls made it worth it by rocking their events.
We had PR's but more importantly, there was awesome teamwork from the girls, as they got ice for each other, held blocks for their teammates, and cheered each other on to a successful DIV II
Central/Western Ma second place title. The team is so young, and graduating so few. I cannot wait to see what they achieve next year and will be following relentlessly through their twitter handle and by what the T&G writes. This season alone, has exceeded my expectations.


I didn't make it back in time for the BBQ, but when I got home there was a missed call on our house phone. We won a raffle prize at the town gathering! It was a great day overall. While I am disappointed I couldn't make it for the BBQ  - the first place finish, the second place finish by our girls, and the raffle win certainly help. I'll just save my outfit for July 4th and jazz it up. Haven't had this great of a day in a long time, had to share ASAP.

Thank you to all those who serve this magnificent country. 
Week  4 Squat Challenge : 130, 135, 140

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