Monday, May 13, 2013


I have been really good about eating relatively clean lately and watching portions. However, yesterday my body revolted and I went on a see food scavenging diet. I legit ate EVERYTHING in sight. I stopped on my way home for a McDonalds breakfast sandwich, after reading a sign advertising it (I've never had one before! I maybe eat at Mcdonalds three times a year total!) At home I got dressed for church, then went to a Mother's Day brunch buffet. Of course I tried every possible morsel available. Finally, I went home where I proceeded to down the sleeve of thin mint cookies which had been left on the counter, as my sister made pasta for dinner. You'd think this was bad enough, but Joe came over to watch Game of Thrones and brought over cookies and biscottis. I was stuffed, but they were so tempting - I had three cookies, two biscottis, and of course we shared a bag of popcorn. Pop me with a pin now.

To think that I used to eat like that everyday while in High school actually disgusts me. Thank you Coaches for telling me that I was too thin and encouraging me to eat fatty foods to gain weight. I cannot even imagine the damage that was done to my body as I used to force myself to down two burgers, a mcflurry, large fries and dollar menu nuggets before every basketball game. Just so I would have a little more meat on me to "box out" as center.

Due to how gross I am now feeling, I am going to go dig out my magic bullet from my dorm supplies that I have locked away in storage. A  few of my friends have tried 3-day to week long juice cleanses. I am extremely nervous to try this as clearly I love food, but I think it's necessary after yesterday's monstrous set back. If anyone has any amazing nutritional juice recipes that I should try, please do not hesitate to send them my way! Next week is juicing week! :)

Week 2 of Squats:
70, 75, 80

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