Monday, May 13, 2013


"Forewarning, coaching girls can be so rewarding, but very frustrating. Be wary of the girls who will stop everything to pick a flower." 

I had completely laughed at this, and thought, "Sure, maybe the kindergartener goalie bored out of their mind. But we're out for 30-50 minutes runs and I'm coaching high school girls." 

A week later one of our runners took off to pick flowers. I rolled my eyes. I told the girl, "Careful, that is private property, you could get arrested for pruning their flowers early." I hope that will deter her from picking flowers on runs in the future.

This past weekend, while running at St. John's, the boys were holding their annual Mother's Day fundraiser and had leftover flowers. 

"What are you doing with those flowers?"
"Nothing, want them?" 
"Wait, seriously?"
 Best day ever. 

So we stopped thanked them for the flowers and added an extra five mins to our workout. Oops. I guess it doesn't matter how old a girl is. But as a girl, how could we let pretty packaged flowers go to waste?

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