Monday, May 13, 2013

Family History

My Mother always puts family photos on display in the foyer for major holidays. On Mother's Day, she puts out a ton of photos featuring my Grandmothers. I always enjoy looking at what is written in perfect cursive on the backs of old photographs. Bored, I decided to do a bit of family research by researching some of the names listed. My mom came into the study and asked what I  was up to. When I told her, she disappeared and reappeared. In a matter of an hour, she  managed to pull out a list of relatives which dates back to 1223. Gold mine of leads.  I had a few fun hours last night, researching how past distant relatives inherited castles in Ireland, were granted deeds for land, gained Sheriff to Burgess titles, and were acquitted charges by the future King Edward I of England.  I cannot wait to further dig into my family history. My father's family history is what intrigues me the most as my Grandfather's name was Otto Von Krassow, but beyond that there is not much information.

Side note: I was researching the castles that my relatives lived at and immediately thought that this castle ruin look like the filming location of Game of Thrones? The scene where Aria is captured this season? What do you think?

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