Monday, May 6, 2013

Delta Phi Epsilon Scrapbook

Freshman year I was elected Historian - should have been re-titled Sorority Photographer. Hah as a freshman I thought it was a position dedicated to the history of Epsilon Tau with backgrounds on each of my previous active sisters and the chapter. Boy was I wrong. At this point in my life I was not remotely crafty and despised the idea that somehow I had deceptively received the honor of creating a sorority scrapbook. This was my first try at creating one and I legit ending up having to use odds and ends from around the house to make it. (I did not see the point in spending the small fortune it can cost to make a scrapbook and guessed that I would not be reimbursed.) I am happy I finally got this treasure back after four years. Surprisingly, I cannot wait to make another. 

Breast Cancer Walk


 DKE Pumpkin Carving and Community Service

Lazer Tag with AEPi and Outings

 Sorority Football Champs


 Holiday Season

 New Beginnings

 Sisters in Summertime


California Trips to See Sisters 

 4th of July & Spring Day

 Big Sisters

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