Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Coconut Oil

I've been in love with the white stuff lately. Coconut oil that is! It does wonders for your hair. Recently, I have been using it to keep down fly-aways and as an intensive conditioner once a week. It is less abrasive than hairspray and adds a natural shine which after reading the first quarter of "The Female Brain" by Louann Brizendine is truly an attractive quality to have as it signifies healthy genes to our male counterparts. ;)

photo.JPGThat study pretty much sold me on the benefits! It has the ability to manage weight. Other positives from the article states:
1) Improves cholesterol ratio by allowing a more efficient conversion of pregnenolene in the body.
2) Restores thyroid function i.e. helps balance insulin levels
3) Leads to efficient breaking down of energy i.e. helps balance weight
4) Allows for "positive antioxidant action" i.e. anti-aging properties
5) Healthy Vitamin E source for hair and body
 - LoGiudice, Pina. "Surprising Health Benefits Coconut Oil." Mon 10/29/2012. Accessed on 05/08/2013. <>

And after reading an article by Organic Coconut Oil I am going to start using it in my cooking for the family instead of olive oil/butter at least twice a week. The article states that Coconut Oil when ingested helps to relieve stress, aids a healthy heart, and helps with calcium absorption. It aids in a lot more functions and this article lists many more benefits, but those three are the ones that sold me!
- Kiran, Patil.  "Health Benefits of Coconut Oil." Accessed on 05/08/2013. <>

I am excited to start using coconut oil more often! Some sites suggested shaving with the stuff, I am nervous to try that! I already use it on my hair and skin, but how much should we use in cooking? Pina LoGiudice, suggested based off a study to ingest 2 tablespoons daily. That seems like a lot to me, but I will start using it more in my cooking for now. I am also going to buy another bottle so that I can keep one for the kitchen and one in the bathroom closet. :)

Pina LoGiudice ND posted for Dr. Oz, "One 2009 study found that women who consumed 30 milliliters (about 2 tablespoons) of coconut oil daily for 12 weeks not only did not gain more weight, but actually had lowered amounts of abdominal fat, a type of fat that is difficult to lose, and contributes to more heart problems."  

Like I said, SOLD.

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