Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Basic Allergy Defense and Offense

I really would really like to believe that I was dying a slow death this past weekend until I found Allegra D. I was in so much pain. My head was throbbing. My sinuses were swollen and hurt to press against. My eyes were itchy. I was coughing with a raw and sore throat. Flem, puke, sneezing. (yes puke, have you ever had allergies so bad you got physically sick from the migraine?!) I was a miserable mess. The entire experience was fully cultivated as I grabbed the last tissue of a relatively new tissue box. I had forgotten how awful the allergy experience can be as I have not had allergies this bad since high school. I decided it was time to take action and am posting ways to avoid allergens in the future:

Avoid the possibility of allergens settling where you sleep at all costs.
1. Take off shoes before you walk indoors
2. Wash your sheets/towels a bit more often than normal.
3. On that note, do not hang clothes to dry outside!
4. Leave clothes in a hamper entirely outside of the bedroom
5. Do not let pets into your room (this means you Prince, stay out)
6. Keep windows and doors closed.
7. Vaccum a bit more frequently
8. Use AC in the car and at home. Fresh air is great, but not at this cost!

Other Suggestions to Combat Pollen:
9. Wear sunnies - this is done to: hide watering eyes and keep pollens from reaching eyes.
10. Do outdoor activities after 10 am to avoid high pollen times! (Save your morning run for later.)
11. Steam shower as soon as you get into the house
12. Medicine

Allegra D and Advil. Advil will help the headaches and soreness. Try to take the Allegra D in the morning. I took it at night for the first time and felt like I was on adderall. This may have been because I had literally been in a migraine fog for the past week and suddenly my head was cleared, or it might have been the extended release properties. Either way, I am in love with Allegra D. I am also hooked on Ricola's Lemon Mint lozenges and a particular kind of tea for throats called Organic Throat Coat by Traditional Medicines. It can be found in most grocery stores in the specialty food section. I enjoy it with a teaspoon of honey and milk. Usually whatever sore throat I am struggling with dissolves within the day with these offensive moves :) Anyone else have any allergy meds/tricks&tips they would like to share??

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