Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Not sure if anyone else watches Hoarders, but I love it. I am someone who gets attached to stuff. I collect things thinking solely about my first apartment and what I would want in it versus my first house. Knowing this, I often go through phases where I clean out the clutter (about every two months). I greatly enjoy seeing how other people deal with their addictions and organization strategies.

I will point fingers, I blame my mother. She keeps everything. She picks up brochures at rest stops and brings them home after vks as momentous. I am the same way. I am addicted to post cards from foreign places and love ticket stubs. Never want to forget a trip.

Yesterday, while shopping for an upcoming baby shower, I came across tons of great frames. I splurged on a shadow box frame. I hate spending money on items that are unnecessary. However, I have wanted a shadow box frame for three years! I decided it was time. Could not be happier as I finally can get rid of a shoe box, and can proudly hang my past experiences.

I might purchase a second shadow box for my race bibs/numbers. Getting Crazy!

This upcoming summer/fall I hopefully will collect an "I climbed Mt. Washington" and a 26.2 bumper sticker. All in the five year plan, all in the five yr plan.

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