Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lemon butter scallops

1. Take two tablespoons of butter, melt in the microwave in a oven safe dish
2. Mix in a tablespoon of olive oil
3. Mix in parsley, sage, and rosemary
4. Rinse off scallops in cold water
5. Put scallops in dish and swirl around to coat scallops in the mixture.
6. Broil for appx 10 minutes

Ginger Salmon & Zucchini

1/3 C balsamic vinegar
2 teaspoons ginger
1 teaspoon celery salt
Let salmon rest in mixture while oven preheats to 400.
Fish should take appx 15 minutes

Peel and cut into slices
Mix in a bowl with a dousing of Italian dressing (this will give the zuchinni a sweet taste)
Stick in oven until soft

Simple Handmade VDay Treats

1. Rice Crispie Treat Hearts!
a. In a microwave, melt 3 table spoons butter
b. Mix in 4 cups mini marshmellows, heat mixture until gooey, stir until smooth (first two steps shouldn't take more than 2 mins)
c. Add red food dye drops until color consistency is attained
d. Add 6 cups rice crispies and coat with the mixture
e. Spread out mix in a brownie/cookie pan
f. Allow to cool, cut with heart shaped cookie cutter - may have to rinse with hot water every three or so hearts!

2. Tea Bag Heart
1. Who doesn't have a tea bag, sewing string, and a coffee filter handy?
2. Take two coffee filters and cut them into two hearts
3. Sew the two hearts together around the edge
4. Slip the tea bag inside - or if you're really crafty use dried tea/fruit - and finish sewing up the heart
5. Fold over string three time and spin to make a tea string to dunk the tea bag
6. Attach to heart and make a small "sweet" note to be the dunker and either sew this too? or cheat and use double sticky tape!

3. Heart Ice Cubes
a. Target has these adorably cute ice cube molds
b. Fill ice cube molds with coffee, drop in a glass of almond milk
c. Fill ice cube molds with cranberry juice, drop in a glass of champagne or rose sparkling wine
d. Fill ice cube molds with water, add drops of red dye, drop in glass of water/ any juice for kids

4. Heart Hand Card
(See pictures below to follow as well!)
1. Fold scrapbook paper in two, trace hand on blank side
2. Cut out traced out hand
3. Take excess scrap paper and make into a one inch long paper
4. Take double sided sticky tape to attach this long paper to the inside of the blank or colored hand (pending if you want to write things on either side! 
5. Fold long paper back and forth like an accordion, (I had to cut one of the folds off, so that it would be flush with my other hand
6. Tape end to the other hand.  
7. Take a marker and write "I love you this much" on the inside. If you love glitter, take a glue pen and write the same saying out and then sprinkle glitter over it.

Hope this helps you get crafty and simply show you care this Valentine's Day! 
At the very least take the cookie cutter and make heart shaped toast tomorrow morning for your roommate!

Baked Kale Chips

Baked Kale Chips are easily one of my favorite things right now, so nutritiously good for you(comparatively to potato chips)! Go Buy some Kale.

1. Preheat oven to 300
2. Wash it, then shred off the leaves from the stems as seen above.
3. Put in bowl and drizzle olive oil over top. Use only a little! Trying to keep it healthy here.
4. Lay out a few pieces on a metal sheet (you should have enough to do this three times with a bushel of Kale)
5. Sprinkle sea salt over each piece
6. Bake for 15 mins

7. Enjoy these crunchy, light, filling pieces of heaven!