Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Valentine's Day

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"It's so Romantical"

For your enjoyment / for those of you who didn't get the reference, watch the little rascals, adorable!)

Valentine's Day can be a stressful Holiday. If you're getting ready for a night curled up in bed... due to trying to avoid the love bugs in this world... why not set up a fun night with those you really love! Like your single besties, a fun single co-worker, or family. I think the best activity one can do to celebrate Valentine's Day is bake cupcakes. Either take a class or spend the night at home with a friend. Be sure to have a bottle of red wine, a romcom, and a red velvet recipe. (I'll try to find a good recipe soon! Bridesmaids is probably what I'd choose for a RomCom - I find it hysterical.) Another fun activity is to attend a Paint class. Many art studios have day classes and usually have seasonal options. Be on the lookout for Groupon and Living Social deals - I often see that they have specials for paint bars!

Please don't forget your single roommates during this Holiday. Sneakily put flowers outside her door, or hang a chain of paper hearts. It will bring a smile to her face! The photo on the right is clickable - links to a print out of that banner! Too easy! Like the Staples Button - that was easy ;)

If anyone has any good rom com suggestions, I'd love to hear them! Or any embarrassing V-day stories. I know we all have at least one!

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