Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Jule's Jewel Collection

Juliette and I have been obsessed with things that sparkle since we were little girls. Juliette used to  show up to our neighborhood kickball tournaments in gold sparkling high heels and a pink vintage dress.  Just before middle school we decided we wanted to open our own fashion business together. Our style tastes balance and complement each other. Which is why you can be assured you will always find exciting pieces on our site. We are starting our venture on Etsy and seeing where it takes us. We hope to give you a new outlet for Christmas shopping and to help individuals buy quality items for a fair price. Check us out, and see what we have been dreaming up!  Currently, we are featuring exquisite holiday earrings and startlingly simple office studs.

Warm Holiday Wishes,
Juliette and Helen

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