Tuesday, November 27, 2012


My father has everyone from my mom's side over for thanksgiving each year. We had over 30 family members in attendance. My mom has eight brothers and sisters and a few of them have kids who are having kids! Makes for a three level tier of family members running around my house every fall. Apparently, this year, I fell asleep after dinner. I was watching football with Joe and I thought I was up the entire time. He claims I am mistaken because he was helping my family do dishes while I slept. I don't remember doing any dishes this year, so he might be right... I do remember getting jumped on by my little cousins and chasing them around the yard playing tag. I can completely understand if I fell asleep on the couch! (oops)

My favorite part of the the Thanksgiving Break is the Turkey Soup and Pilgrim Sandwiches (Comprised of the usual turkey leftovers, cranberry sauce and stuffing) my Dad makes the following week. So good!

This Thanksgiving was a bit hectic. Usually I go out with my high school friends, but this year I decided to hang out with Joe and his family the night before, then went to brunch at 8am,  then to his high school's football game at 10 am, next was lunch at my house, then we went to watch the Patriots at his grandparents. It was a pretty busy 24 hours.

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