Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I have always loved adverts. I am obsessed by them. I love analyzing them and am not afraid to state my opinion to anyone in the room. My friends tend to roll their eyes when I get more involved in the commercials than the T.V. show.

I am sure my roommates of 2010 loved my intense screaming regarding the Reebok advertisement for toning sneakers. It just angered me so much that they zoomed in on this woman's butt. As if this is the most important aspect of being fit. A cute butt. My guy friends called me a feminist and one of my girlfriends bought the shoe to achieve a cute butt. (I don't think it worked) Regardless, I was completely turned off of Reebok as a result. I also wrote them an email telling them so. I was really offended and learned a ton of other women were as well! When applying for jobs recently I have been highlighting my ability to analyze adverts critically, this is not an ideal  review example, just a demonstration of how strong a critic I can be with my personal opinion and how I follow through to ensure the right people hear it.

What are your favorite commercials lately?! Mine has to be the Slinky on an Escalator by GEICO. So stupidly "awesome." The number of times I hear this in a day just confirms how great it is... we'll see how much longevity it has, I'm sure it'll get annoying at some point. Even more recently, I have been enjoying the Chevy commercials featuring good ol St. Nick.

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