Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Recently, I've had the urge to hike. The weather is gorgeous. It's fall, everything is so colorful!

I've hiked a beautiful section of the midstate trail. I went with Joe and his dog Keystone to Leominster and hiked through Crowhill ledges to Balance Rock in Westminster. It is a gorgeous hike with only one steep area. The hike took about two hrs, but we were booking it because Keystone kept pulling me into a run. Joe thought it was hysterical. There is a section that you can rock climb, and we saw a few individuals there. We even saw an elderly  couple from Chicago making their way down the path.I know this is terrible, but we were betting whether or not they would make it up the ledge.

I then went climbing with my sister Juliette at Mt. Kearsarge. That took an hr and a half. We took the 1.2 mile up and then took the 1.8 mile back down as it loops around the mountain more with impressive views. It wasn't terribly difficult, it had three moderate climb areas going up. Juliette for once in her life was tired. She was panting and even asked for a 30 second break. It made me laugh because Juliette is usually the one who is racing ahead leaving me behind.

I also ran a 5k this past weekend with Joe at Mt Wachusett - The Cider House 5k. It was far from a PR course. Even if you could have done well, it was up the hiking trails. It was impossible to pass the individuals that were hiking instead of running from exhaustion. I also went to Wachusett the following day with Margaret to hike the "stair master trail." Aka Pine Hill. it took us an hr total to hike to the summit and back down. It's a .5 mile trail. Not too shabby!

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