Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Delta Phi Epsilon - Fall 11

Delta Phi Epsilon - Fall 2012
Can't wait for the girls abroad to come home to double our chapter
and all of the wonderful new girls we are going to get this winter!
SO excited for a new addition to our family tree!
I was surprised by how few people came back this year compared to last year. I felt like a lot of people would have came back as it was so nice out. Free fried dough, fried apple pie, fried oreos, swing set, fb game, tons of other food, beer on draft. It always surprises me that Bentley Students are unaware of how much fun Homecoming can be, some students even head home! It's mind blowing to me. It surprises me that more friends and family do not come back for the day. Homecoming and Spring Day have always been my two favorite days of the year!

The Zero Year Reunion for the Class of 2012 was a huge success. The alum admin did a wonderful job getting us involved with the committee and setting up the event. I was a little worried about it because I hate Tequila Rain. Every other time I have gone there, the club is filled with sketchy men aged 45+ who just leer at every girl that walks by. It also ended up being Tequila Rain's "Monster Mash" and we all know I strongly dislike Halloween. But it ended up being a ton of fun and we had over a third of our classmates show up from our grade!! Insane.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween Spiders

I hate Halloween. I cannot stand the Holiday at all. The idea of scary masks covering up the faces of those I love is literally scarring for me. I still remember my great aunt Alice showing up at my house to help my parents hand out candy with a scream mask on.

That doesn't mean I haven't had great Halloweens. Some good memories include: freshman year dressing up with my pledge sisters, my father's 60th Halloween bash, dressing up as gypsies with my xc team and running through Spider Gates.

But I truly cannot stand Halloween - this is coming from a girl who hates to even watch scary movies. Sleeping Beauty is as scary as it gets by choice. I really dislike my friends who have made me sit through T.V. shows like Walking Dead and American Horror Story. More recently those who made me go through a haunted house in Salem while all I wanted to do was go on the foliage cruise! The Haunted House, really was not that scary. I was more afraid of my friends who kept poking me when people jumped out and made noises!

I don't think I have dressed up the same as a previous year yet. Sunflower, pumpkin, cheerleader, cowgirl, witch, sailor moon, gypsy, group fruit of loom (I was the banana) hermione, Greek goddesses, unicorns, etc. Can't wait for my costume Saturday night!

I made my Grandmother's spiders this evening. They are so good! Melt the butterscotch in the microwave in a casserole dish. Stir with a wooden spatula every 20 seconds for two mins. Add hot water to a large metal bowl and place casserole dish inside. Then add nuts and stir into mix until covered. Be careful when adding the noodles. Then daintily drop onto wax paper. Easy treat to help get a party into the ghostly spirit!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Recently, I've had the urge to hike. The weather is gorgeous. It's fall, everything is so colorful!

I've hiked a beautiful section of the midstate trail. I went with Joe and his dog Keystone to Leominster and hiked through Crowhill ledges to Balance Rock in Westminster. It is a gorgeous hike with only one steep area. The hike took about two hrs, but we were booking it because Keystone kept pulling me into a run. Joe thought it was hysterical. There is a section that you can rock climb, and we saw a few individuals there. We even saw an elderly  couple from Chicago making their way down the path.I know this is terrible, but we were betting whether or not they would make it up the ledge.

I then went climbing with my sister Juliette at Mt. Kearsarge. That took an hr and a half. We took the 1.2 mile up and then took the 1.8 mile back down as it loops around the mountain more with impressive views. It wasn't terribly difficult, it had three moderate climb areas going up. Juliette for once in her life was tired. She was panting and even asked for a 30 second break. It made me laugh because Juliette is usually the one who is racing ahead leaving me behind.

I also ran a 5k this past weekend with Joe at Mt Wachusett - The Cider House 5k. It was far from a PR course. Even if you could have done well, it was up the hiking trails. It was impossible to pass the individuals that were hiking instead of running from exhaustion. I also went to Wachusett the following day with Margaret to hike the "stair master trail." Aka Pine Hill. it took us an hr total to hike to the summit and back down. It's a .5 mile trail. Not too shabby!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


My friend Maggie and I decided to try out Bikram Yoga. Heated room, 90 minutes, 26 postures (which are shown in the first diagram below!), a mat, a long towel, and water bottle. I have attended a class at least 2-4 times a month over the past three years. I love it. It's such an exhilarating feeling when you finish a class. The best part about it is how relaxed it is. Sounds crazy, but it reminds me of Cross Country. There are team sports and there are individual sports. Bikram reminds me of my old running teams where not everyone is at the same level, but everyone is doing their personal best. There is something really great about watching someone skilled practice yoga next to someone like me who cannot always do all the positions due to exertion. There are some individuals who get to their first class like Maggie and do everything right the first time. The instructor thought we were kidding after class when we explained it was her first time. There are other individuals who try the first ten poses then sit on their mat for the remainder of class, joining in when possible. Everyone tries at their own rate. Not every day is going to be a good day performance wise, but it's worth it just to show up. It's up to your body and mind to tell you when to stop or help you propel forward. Like I said, just like my cross country days.

It is extremely beneficial and you sweat out a ton of water weight. After your first class, you feel so energized and so in charge of your life. It is a wonderful mind enhancing, body stretching experience. After the second class you will realize the improvement in your personal limberness. The heat really helps warm the muscles and helps to deepen your stretching abilities  (I never thought I'd be able to raise my leg behind my head, I did it by my third class!) You learn to self-soothe as you control body and mind in an uncomfortable situation. It is phenomenal. Bikram also helps cleanse the body of toxins. "By the tourniquet effectstretching, balancing (using gravity), and creating pressure all at the same time. The blood supply in arteries and veins is being cut off, creating pressure. When released, a lock gate effect is created, causing blood to rush through veins and arteries, flushing them out. Also, pressure is applied to the heart by its relative position to the rest of the body." -Bikram FAQs Bikram also helps your balance. 

I also recently went to a beginner yoga class with my mother. It was extremely slow paced and I was the only one in the room younger than 30, but it was a wonderful experience. It really reminded me that no matter how easy the positions are, there is room for improvement technique wise. Going at a slower pace really demonstrated how easy it is to align your body incorrectly. A few individuals in the class mentioned they were having back problems, so the instructor led the class through a back strengthening process. My back felt better after class! Here are three of the poses she went over featured on LiveStrong! If anyone knows of any other great back extending/stengthening poses, feel free to leave a comment!

Here are some other cool yoga posters! Can you tell I'm obsessed and think everyone should strive to find a class they love?! (All photos in this post are linked to the sites I found them!)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Apple Cider Ice Cream

This recipe below was absolutely amazing. I am looking forward to making it again soon.  

Joe and I used fresh apples that we picked at Tougas Farms in Northboro.

Apple Pie

This was an amazing recipe, the pie lasted two days.
Here are some key things we did while baking:
  • Make sure that the butter is frozen to ensure the flakiest crust.
  • Honey Crisp apples for the filling
  • Almond flour for the crust
  • We used a cold beer bottle 
  • We used tin foil along the edge to ensure the sides did not burn.