Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Shirt Crafting

I have always been big into re-designing clothes. Like cutting my favorite old jeans into jorts or making them into a skirt. The skirt was awesome because I took the time to sew on lace around the edge and time to embroider it with a cute design. Jean skirts were all the rage in middle school and high school. While I love that skirt, I am glad I'm past that fad for now. Last night I was a bundle of energy and needed a project. So, I took an old fagged out shirt from The Loft. I had been meaning to recreate it as a pillow, but made it into a cute tank using the method everyone has been pinning. I hate when shirts wear out, drives me cray!

Cute right? Decent way to get more wear out of that fagged out top!

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