Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Saratoga, NY

I really have been traveling New England these past few days. Moving Bec and Jules into college was intense. RI and NH in one weekend. MA, ME and NY the next. A lot of driving. Hopefully, no tree hungers are reading this post! (sorry becca)

I went to Troy, NY not Saratoga; albeit, we did take a day trip to shop! We went to Saratoga Sundress and a few other shops. Rachel bought a few things and even scored her favorite jeans from the GAP - "these make girls with a bootie look great! Right?!" I love her. She is always a blast to be with. More importantly, she ordered the most amazing hot apple cider and was willing to share.

Rachel lives in Troy, NY with her bf Jeff while she is attending RPI. She's a smarty pants engineer who works at a mushroom factory. You can laugh, I do. Regardless of laughter, it is a really cool business concept. You know the packing peanuts? (the styrofoam nuggets that you sometimes receive in packages?) The company she works for, mass produces bio degradable peanuts, the material used: mushrooms. And get this, it is not only Eco-friendly, but cheaper to use! Amaze-balls!

Anywho, Jeff passed the test, he could handle both Marga and I visiting at once. He even made Marga a flourless chocolate cake - she just learned she's a glutard. We'll just have to see how he handles Marisa... I loved his apartment, it was very organized. Even his cat was enjoyable.

For those that don't know, I am scarily allergic to cats; not an I "need an epi pen, get me to a hospital" scary, but an "my face is congested and bulky, my eyes are ready to fall out with the tears" scary. I took sudafed and was happily medicated the entire trip. I even joyfully petted Molly until she got off my pillow each morning.

She's an odd cat. As Rachel explained, apparently she had a rough time at a different apartment. This was because her owner (not Jeff) lives with a roommate who has two cats. These two cats would gang up on her. So she would hide in the bathroom tub. The other cats hated water and would leave her alone in there. Pulls on your heart strings a bit, doesn't it? Anyways, Jeff being a wonderful host put her in the only room with a door, the bathroom. So my allergies would not be as bad that first night. Molly escaped as soon as I went to brush my teeth. I found her nestled up in my bed. It was a good idea and try.

Marga and I had a sing-a-long the entire way back from NY and even scored some fresh apples instead of McDonalds at a farmer's market - ideally set up at a rest stop!

It was an exceptional weekend in NY.

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