Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Maine Adventures

I love spending time at the camp, but I easily get bored and consistently need new goals to accomplish - even when I'm supposed to be relaxing. My most recent success was building my bf a sign for his birthday.

Joe had given me bottle caps - I had been begging him all through college to collect them. I had wanted to make a Bentley sign out of them. He got them to me just around our graduation. - Bit late for my project.. So in my car, there were baggies full of bottle caps. His mother actually saw them when we were getting something from my car for countryfest. That was embarrassing, really looked like an alchie. Regardless, I figured I should use them for making a gift for Joe's Birthday. Especially since he was nice enough to give them to me!

I went to a wood scrap yard in Maine for the bottom piece and headed to lowe's for the border. It was hectic trying to figure out what to use on the bottle caps, hot glue? Plexiglass? This is when my Dad got involved. He loves projects just as much as I do, perhaps more. He just hates to admit it and grumbles a lot to fake it. I brought this fact up, and he grumbled. I stated giving him a hard time, "why can't we just have fun? I know you enjoy it. Doesn't always have to be a mission." I love playing the brat. My mother thought it was hilarious. He picked out a varnish wood glaze. We bought two packages - thankfully. For the rest of the trip whenever we did a family activity, my mother would laugh and say, "Are we having fun yet?"

I ended up using hot glue around the edge of the bottle caps to ensure they stayed in place. It was fun designing it, almost like a puzzle. I had trouble at first figuring out was to spell out/ design. Bentley, fishing, beer, Gannon, Joe, Joseph, JMG, it was a tough choice. But I settled on fishing. In the event he wants to pass it off to someone else, figured "fishing" would be the easiest. Luckily, he loves it. I I think it's tacky, but figured it was perfect for the recent grad's man pad.

Anyways, designing it turned out to be the easy part. Dad nailed in the sides, like I said, he Has to be involved with every project. He then helped with the varnish. We poured it over the bottle caps and then around the caps in the border. My dad went down to finish his cigar, but I stayed to watch as the varnish started leaking out the sides. I placed cups to catch the draining mess. My dad yelled up at me from his lawn chair, "leave it alone." Just trying to save our newly painted porch! (See our last Maine adventure post.) "Are we having fun yet?" The glue finally became tacky and started curing - it came out mint.

Taking off the newspaper was a process because everything stuck together. It was such a mess. Everyone's hands were sticky. My mother had to use gasoline, soap, and rubbing alcohol to get the glue off, which was a bit extreme considering all the product calls for is soap - if it comes in contact with skin. "Are we having fun yet?" Albeit, gloves would have been a bright idea.

My father then burned the newspapers in the fireplace. For some odd reason the smoke was not going up the flue and the smoke built up and set off not one but two fire alarms. "Are we having fun yet?"

Yep, I think we are. Especially because everyone is laughing together at the absurdity.

I enjoyed helping Dad take the pontoon boat out of the water and kayaking around our lake front. I'll post more about that later.

The photos of people holding fish is my immediate family - going clockwise from the top left, me, Jules, Becca, Dad. There is an entire wall for my external family's trophy fish. A normal trophy fish for us is a 4-6 lb bass. We all love that camp :)

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