Monday, September 3, 2012

College Girls

Becca & Juliette are off to college. This was not without some classic Longvall Family zaniness. Becca's boyfriend came and helped us move the heavy things. He was only there for 20 minutes as he had to make a bus to get to a FB game, but he wanted to help my Dad move the fridge first as he knows my Dad has a bad back. Clearly, he's a winner so far. Bec's room is on the third floor at Salve Regina. I still hate that she can go on the cliffwalk when ever she wants. I feel like I would be such a different person if I had gone to school in Newport. I love it there. We went down to First Beach, which is close enough that she could walk to it from her dorm. We had Dell's Lemonade because you really can't go to a RI beach and fail to slurp some down. 

The Black Pearl was phenomenal. Best Lobster Salad I have had all summer. I was in heaven after I drank an IPA, sipped on some Clam Chowder, and nibbled on my Lobster. Who am I kidding. I slugged the beer, poured the soup like Beast from Beauty and the Beast, and then scarfed down the Lobster Salad. It was that good. It's moderately pricey for a lunch meal, but it seriously was the best New England meal I had all summer. (Yep, beat out the squire!)

Dropping off Juliette was gorgeous as well. She is in NH at Colby Sawyer. It is gorgeously located with prime views of the mountains. I cannot wait to visit her this winter to ski/snowboard! We moved her in (she is thankfully on the first floor). Her room is small and was missing some furniture. Moving her in was somehow more involved than moving Becca in. Juliette though had brought less things with her. Go figure. We went to eat at the Flying Goose after. It is an adorable restaurant and apparently the first solar powered brewery in NH. We always purchase the onion rings and goose bread for apps. They are delicious items. The goose bread is a really hearty bread which tastes amazing on cold evenings. Juliette always gets a bowl of clam chowder, but Mom and I usually opt for one of the specials. This time Mom's special, Baked Alaskan Cod, was barely cooked! It was awful and made me question why I always think it has a amazing food. The waitress handled the situation perfectly, saying she was going to talk to the manager immediately, offered to take my mother to speak with him, and took the item off the bill. Completely saved my opinion of that gem of a restaurant. 

Juliette is still at home as we are picking up her friend from France today from Logan Airport and dropping them both off at college later this evening. It's so weird to think that I'll be the only one at home now with Mom & Dad. Hopefully, I'll send out applications this week and hear back from a few of them. I'm not terribly optimistic, most of my friends sent applications out to 200 locations. If I have sent out maybe 6 over the course of the summer, I still have 194 to go. Cross your fingers for me! 

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