Thursday, September 20, 2012


Check out the video here or click on the photo above to go to the site! Yes, not only is she featured on the Web page, but she had a cameo. I'm still laughing. She seems much more composed than I could ever be and looks great in it. I especially love the quick smile at the end. 

The video is certainly much better than our childhood days of "It just keeps coming in." Click on the photo below to check out that lovely advertisement...
Did anyone else inappropriately think "That's what she said" after every viewing?  

I am still a bit annoyed with my father about that commercial. I  had just gotten back to Worcester after a fun weekend in Boston with my high school gfs. I felt gross, had been sleeping on the ground for the past few days in a sleeping bag and I was congested because of the cat at the apartment. I looked like hell, no make-up, and was wearing the last items in my sleepover bag. My mother picked me and my gf up from the train station in Worcester and instead of going home, we went to my Dad's work to film a commercial. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. Still upset about the lack of a heads up. Those lines were memorized right then and there. Legit, that might have been a second run-through. Why isn't my memory that wonderful now? Studying for the GMAT would be 87% easier.

Update: That commercial is still airing. This is one of those hand hitting head, groaning, staring at Dad incredulously and laughing. He claims it's a great commercial... It does have a certain marketable stickiness.  In fact, Becca used to get followed around stores when we were younger because people recognized her from the commercial! I'm going to convince him ASAP to let me create a new one. Becca and Jules be ready at Thanksgiving. Marisa, are you finally ready for your debut? 

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