Thursday, August 30, 2012


We've all heard of BirchBox; albeit, I did not know that they had created a men's box. But today I was wasting time idling over blogs and saw the cutest thing BarkBox!
10% of the proceeds go to rescue groups and it's 17$ per month to surprise your pooch with new treats and goodies. I think it is such a cute idea to pamper your pooch especially if you have the extra disposable income to do so. Apparently, BarkBox was featured on Groupon the other day! I wish I had seen it, I would have gotten it for my dog Prince. He was so funny last night. I took him out for a walk and after he did his thangg, he went berserk. I've told readers before that he is blind and deaf in his old age, so you can imagine my extreme surprise when he started running in circles. He ran into two bushes during his extreme elation of knowing he was going to get a treat after his walk. Silly Pup. Sometimes I wish I had his life. Don't you wish you lived a dog's life?

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