Thursday, July 12, 2012

Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberries are in season!! So my mother made Strawberry Shortcake :)
The recipe for the biscuits were not Gluten-free (I am going to experiment soon!), but she found the recipe simply on the side of a box of Bisquick. She took a box of strawberries, removed the stems, and cut the berries in halves and quarters. She then added a quarter cup of sugar into a bowl with the berries. She let it sit for 20 mins to “macerate.” This is when the sugar softens the berries and releases liquid. We cut the biscuits in half, taking the top half off completely. We then scooped a dollop of ice cream and added the berry mixture before placing the top half back. Dad added a TON of whip cream on top. :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012


We went to our family's Maine house for the 4th of July. 

My cousin Lola kept us all busy. We took her canoeing, kayaking, jet skiing, rafting (verryyy slowly), and fishing! 

Joe managed to spend a few days with my family & survived. He's a keeper.

4th of July

My family's Maine house is the best. I love going kayaking on the lake and hanging out on the pontoon boat. My sister sat enjoying her beer while I made marshmallows all night. My favorite thing to do is put a dark chocolate square in the marshmallow before toasting it. The chocolate melts down into the mallow to create the best gooey chocolate mess you will ever taste :)

I enjoyed grapefruit margaritas before going to watch the fireworks. To make them: Half Glass of skinnymarg, half glass of ruby red, spash of sprite or similar tonic water, add two limes and salt!

I love our Maine dogs. I'm taking a nap with Prince our toy poodle, he's blind, deaf, and has really weak legs now. He's so cute, we got him when I was seven as a gift for Juliette. No one was to play with him until Juliette had held him the day my Dad brought him home. Juliette is patting Rufus, our neighbors puppy. He comes running over to the camp everyday to be pat and my Dad yells at him everyday to go home. We love them.


 We went to Boothbay for a daytrip. It's beautiful there we always go to the Fisherman's Wharf for lunch. My Dad and sister usually order the clam chowder. I usually get the turkey club with avocado. This vacation I've been drinking a lot of lemon waters and frozen chobanis. I usually stir in extra blueberries before I freeze it!

This vacation was going to be three weeks. Three weeks with terrible service and mostly just family, I love my family, but I needed a project to work on. I decided to paint the back of the house. I scraped the entire thing and then my uncle and Dad decided they were going to paint it. Dad let my sisters and I paint the front porch though!

Perfect View American View :)