Monday, June 11, 2012


My Family is awesome. They have always been there to support me.

I am incredibly lucky to have two families show up. I had my immediate and a few members of my external family present. More importantly, I even had my godmother watching from her computer! Thanks Bentley for airing it online! Additionally, my deepher family tree showed up to really make my day. My little came to show support and my grand big and great grand big came back to Bentley too!

I don't think my Dad will ever let me live down this moment. I really confused people when I didn't hand over my name tag to be read. I think I got fifty texts saying "what happened" from my classmates.
What happened was, I got so excited that we were finally crossing the stage and getting to hug Gloria! Truth is I never got an answer when I asked for the umpteenth time, "What do we do with this name card?" I even asked at the podium. Hah, ended up thinking we turned it in when we got our diplomas. 

My Graduating Sisters

Since Freshman Year

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Bentley Class of 2012 headed to the Bahamas recently for some final class bonding and relaxation before graduating.

Of course as soon as we got to Atlantis, my roommates and I ran to get alch from a local store. We were not fooling around! Unpack later.

Some of my favorite memories were: 

1. Lazy River & sippy cups

2. Finding friends in the conga line

3. Never growing old

4. Celebrating the Governor's Birthday

5. Electric Chair?

6. Discovering aquatic life

7. Supporting each other

8. Photo bombing parade photos

9. Wild Dance Offs

10. Working with this group of girls

Thank You Bentley University