Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hat's Off

I saw this cute recipe on pinterest a while ago & thought “PERFECT” i.e. need to have these at my party this weekend. HOWEVER, the recipe on pinterest called for After 8 Mints. I learned after searching three grocery stores that they only carry them during “the holiday season.” I was completely floored as obviously my entire party was riding on these little mints…
I wandered around the aisles for what felt like frantic hours, searching for a substitute. Only took 2 minutes when my eyes rested on Keebler’s Deluxe Grahams. This will taste much better than the mint anyways… chocolate mint peanutbutter? eh “are you sure it’s sanitary, it looks questionable to me!” Thank god for easy substitutes!
Step 1. Unwrap Reese’s
Step 2. Drop a frosting bead on each Reese’s 
Step 3. Place Keebler’s Deluxe Graham on top.
Step 4. The hardest part is making the tassel. Now for all of you cake decorating experts, this should not be a problem. But for me, rushing as always it was a bit more difficult. It wasn’t until the last few that I figured out the secret.
Secret: Create a mini “V” 1) starting at the edge of the Keebler Deluxe Graham 2) heading in towards the center 3) then heading out to another side. …tough I know…
Step 5. Place the M&M upside down on top to finish!
For an additional thoughtful touch - use M&M’s only in your grad’s school colors!

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