Saturday, May 19, 2012

Graduation Gifts

I painted glasses for each of my graduating pledge sisters. They were really relaxing to make and came out better than I thought they would! I ended up personalizing them with their names below the Iris. I made sure we used them the night before graduation to do a toast to the past four amazing years.

        Glasses ( T.J. Maxx )
        Acrylic Paint 
        Krylon’s  ”Triple Thick Crystal - Clear Glaze”
Step 1. Put masking tape around the rim and over the top (to ensure nothing toxic will be touching someone’s lips!)
Step 2: Paint your glass
Step 3:  To protect the paint from chipping I used  Krylon’s  ”Triple Thick Crystal - Clear Glaze” to spray over the paint.  Holding the rim end spray Krylon’s  ”Triple Thick Crystal - Clear Glaze” over the painted glass towards the bottom. 

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