Saturday, May 26, 2012

Color Block

My friends are moving into a new apartment tomorrow and seeing as we all just graduated, I decided a cake was in order. It’ll be the perfect late night surprise to slice into once we are done exploring the neighborhood’s drinking wells!
Step 1. Bake 2 square cakes (I used the Betty Crocker version of funfetti) use food coloring to dye each batter a different color. (I used blue and yellow for my school’s colors)
Step 2. Once cooled. Use a square stencil and cut two square holes in the center of each cake.
Step 3. Pull out each middle piece.
Step 4. Stick the yellow middle piece in the blue border creating a new bottom layer.
Step 5. Frost the bottom layer. 
Step 6. Put the other color’s border on the top i.e. yellow. 
Step 7. Place the blue middle square in the yellow border. 
Step 8. Frost the top & sides.
For Decorations See Post “Hat’s off to Graduating.”

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