Saturday, May 26, 2012

Color Block

My friends are moving into a new apartment tomorrow and seeing as we all just graduated, I decided a cake was in order. It’ll be the perfect late night surprise to slice into once we are done exploring the neighborhood’s drinking wells!
Step 1. Bake 2 square cakes (I used the Betty Crocker version of funfetti) use food coloring to dye each batter a different color. (I used blue and yellow for my school’s colors)
Step 2. Once cooled. Use a square stencil and cut two square holes in the center of each cake.
Step 3. Pull out each middle piece.
Step 4. Stick the yellow middle piece in the blue border creating a new bottom layer.
Step 5. Frost the bottom layer. 
Step 6. Put the other color’s border on the top i.e. yellow. 
Step 7. Place the blue middle square in the yellow border. 
Step 8. Frost the top & sides.
For Decorations See Post “Hat’s off to Graduating.”

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hat's Off

I saw this cute recipe on pinterest a while ago & thought “PERFECT” i.e. need to have these at my party this weekend. HOWEVER, the recipe on pinterest called for After 8 Mints. I learned after searching three grocery stores that they only carry them during “the holiday season.” I was completely floored as obviously my entire party was riding on these little mints…
I wandered around the aisles for what felt like frantic hours, searching for a substitute. Only took 2 minutes when my eyes rested on Keebler’s Deluxe Grahams. This will taste much better than the mint anyways… chocolate mint peanutbutter? eh “are you sure it’s sanitary, it looks questionable to me!” Thank god for easy substitutes!
Step 1. Unwrap Reese’s
Step 2. Drop a frosting bead on each Reese’s 
Step 3. Place Keebler’s Deluxe Graham on top.
Step 4. The hardest part is making the tassel. Now for all of you cake decorating experts, this should not be a problem. But for me, rushing as always it was a bit more difficult. It wasn’t until the last few that I figured out the secret.
Secret: Create a mini “V” 1) starting at the edge of the Keebler Deluxe Graham 2) heading in towards the center 3) then heading out to another side. …tough I know…
Step 5. Place the M&M upside down on top to finish!
For an additional thoughtful touch - use M&M’s only in your grad’s school colors!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Senior Ball

These are my Class of 2012 roomies through the years all dolled up, waiting to get on the buses to the Westin-Copley. Last but not least Heidi, who was the first to deal with me for an entire year (besides Bestoso - Both deserve a Medal).


I love my group of friends. Our class really is amazing. We have some great personalities mixed in.

 Class Cab Ladies who spent time helping to plan the Senior Ball Event. 

My favs being goofs, trying to warm up 

& we all get by with a little help from our friends.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Graduation Gifts

I painted glasses for each of my graduating pledge sisters. They were really relaxing to make and came out better than I thought they would! I ended up personalizing them with their names below the Iris. I made sure we used them the night before graduation to do a toast to the past four amazing years.

        Glasses ( T.J. Maxx )
        Acrylic Paint 
        Krylon’s  ”Triple Thick Crystal - Clear Glaze”
Step 1. Put masking tape around the rim and over the top (to ensure nothing toxic will be touching someone’s lips!)
Step 2: Paint your glass
Step 3:  To protect the paint from chipping I used  Krylon’s  ”Triple Thick Crystal - Clear Glaze” to spray over the paint.  Holding the rim end spray Krylon’s  ”Triple Thick Crystal - Clear Glaze” over the painted glass towards the bottom.