Saturday, March 31, 2012

New Orleans

Rob is one of my oldest friends. He made me eat a fried po' boy and drink NOLA blonde beer on arrival at Cooter Brown's. I'm really not used to the amount of fried food there is is New Orlean's and promptly got sick. I was in rough shape for the rest of the trip. Rob, the following day, took me to get a drink at The Columns. He made me drink a Bloody Mary and a Texas Prairie Dog. We headed into the  French Quarter to do touristy things quickly: Cafe du Monde & Perlis Later we grabbed hand grenades from Tropical Isle, which I  handed off to another tourist. The drink was way too sweet for me. We then headed to Pat O'Brien's for a hurricane - wasn't as bad!
There were people from all over the states piled into frat houses and RVs on the street. Rob's frat had the entire site set up right. They had a wristband system to know who was supposed to be drinking from the keg, but as the night wore on - I don't think anyone could care.

There are a ton of Krewes in New Orleans. Each puts together a parade during Mardi Gras. Some are larger than others, some hold more history. Will Ferrell was the King of Bacchus. 

The French Quarter at night is intense. I got lost trying to find a friend. I got ready to leave after I was hit on by a woman wearing nothing but nipple covers. Officially made my exit after I saw someone get stabbed! This area is heavily patrolled and cops were on it before anything really broke out.

I am so lucky that Rob could show me around New Orleans! 

Friday, March 30, 2012

Air Dry

Sometimes my roommate comes back to the room smelling like clean laundry and yet the room is a complete totaled mess. Heidi got back to the room and sent me a picture text, "Really?" was all she wrote. I got back to the room after class to my roommates laughing about it. It really is hard to find room to air dry a couple loads of laundry. I can't dry anything in a dryer because it shrinks on me, finding jeans and shirts that fit is hard enough without everything shrinking on me! Serious #Tallgirlproblems. I had used two drying racks already and needed more space. So I used extra ribbon I had lying around from gift wrapping and strung it across my window. Ingenious! 

Sunday, March 11, 2012


A small group of my friends and I went out to get a drink at the Mad Raven to "ring" in my Birthday... A fellow bar patron had the Bruin's Championship Ring in  the back of his car - what are the odds? 

The following day my family came to take me to lunch. We went to the Top of the Hub. Yes, that's a Bloody Mary and Creme Brule. Always better not to ask.