Saturday, November 5, 2011

Perfectly Pink Porkchops

Well I am sure this would have been delicious right off the stove, too bad the alarm went off before I could sit down and enjoy the meal. Porkchops cooked with onions, potatoes, and mushrooms with a homemade applesauce… WOMP.
The windows were open, the doors were open, and the fan was on. The alarm went off after I finished cooking and occured while I was rinsing the pans - highly likely that the steam set it off which is complete ridiculousness. Sorry Collins! I am a horrible person to set an alarm off during the end of the third quarter… thankfully it happened now versus in the winter? 
I am still annoyed that the fire alarm went off. Most of my annoyance is because people have burned things plenty of times in my room e.g. a corn husk was left in the oven for a day, a cake was literally on fire in the stove, and the best was the bag of popcorn left on fire in the microwave & NOT ONCE did the alarm go off for any of that. 

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