Thursday, October 20, 2011

Malbec Steak

My suitemates have been complaining all week that they needed a “homecooked” meal. I, in turn, started craving steak - my dad’s choice meat. My room is also for whatever reason freezing, so decided to cook to warm the place up a bit. Roasted Malbec Steak with Onions and a side dish of Minted Rice and Peas.
Scoop of fresh grated cheese
Handful of Cranberries
1 Cup of Jasmine Rice
2 Scoops of frozen Minted Peas (Trader Joes)
Boil rice in 3 cups water until soft. Drain water leaving about half to heat up the peas for 5 minutes or until completely unfrozen. Drain water and layer over the grated cheese and dried cranberries.
Malbec Wine 
Smoked Peppercorn
Cook steak in a thin layer of Malbec Wine using smoked peppercorn to taste. Add Onions last. About 15 minutes on stove top.

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