Friday, August 5, 2011


Varsagod, Varsagod. My family would always joyfully yell around xmas time, everyone rushing the table to see what was presented for our smorgasbord. I’ve always loved cooking, but particularly I love my Grandmother’s recipes. Her given name was Evelyn (von krossov) Peterson, appropriately called Far Mor (father’s mother in Swedish) or more affectionately Mor Mor (pronounced moo-moo). Yes, if you are quick, that does mean mother’s mother but moo-moo was far easier for all of us to pronounce as kids. My grandmother would cook every Saturday an abundance of deserts and breads for the week for her six growing boys and two beautiful daughters.
My own mother is far from chained to the kitchen. She loves quick, easy recipes. I may have gained my lack of cooking focus due to this… which has caused many a cooking mishap.
My father had always taken on the role of head chef in the family. He loves to grill and has always provided hearty meals for us. He loves running over whenever anyone is dabbling in the kitchen to put in his two words, and loves even more critiquing whatever it is we produce. (I can only imagine him running over to moo-moo as a child begging to lick the bowl!) He is also big on “keeping a clean kitchen” :: “Have everything out and ready”- “Put things away as you use them!”
Others who have inflicted my passion for food: My neighbor Mrs. Morena. She is an absolute goddess in the kitchen. I am always asking for her recipes! 
My Roomates Falcone 302, one in particular who introduced me to many vegan dishes and local farms.
My cousins who happen to have celiac’s disease. They have helped me realize how important nutrition is and how important it is to try to attain the healthiest you possible.