Sunday, February 13, 2011


Day 1: Jump on a train to Brisbane Airport, with a sinking stomach I listened to one of the wonderful 14 boys informing me, "It appears you are the worm in the bird's nest." We got to Arlie Beach and stayed at Beaches hostel. We dropped our things and went to buy some goon to bring with us on the boat. Again, I was the only girl in a room of 10 guys. We went to get McDonalds, dinner for less than 5$ is always a great thing. We went out that night, had a blast, and then went to bed. There were two cases of sleepwalking. I was one of them. I woke up apparently at 6:45 got dressed, everyone was up chatting, and then we all went to bed again, myself fully dressed. While I was in the shower one of the kids had to vomit, and was knocking on the door. I could hear him, but knew everyone was drunk, so there was no way that I was going to open the door for some kid that I had just met while I was soaking wet in a towel. When I got out of the bathroom five minutes later he had already gotten sick and recovered for the most part having thrown up over the side of the balcony. Everyone in the room was joking about it. The other room also had a case of sleepwalking where one of the boys decided that he liked the bottom bunk better and got into bed with another guy on the trip. Obviously the sleeper, not the walker, was very uncomfortable with this and squeaked out a 'rescue me' to the rest of the room.  

Day 2: We got up and checked in with the boat. We then went to the lagoon for a swim. We got on the boat around noon, a few of the kids were seasick. We went for an introductory Scuba Dive in Macarel Bay, my group consisted of Marco, Nick and Tommy. They were alot of fun to dive with, Marco was cracking us up the entire time. Richie, our instructor informed me that I barely used any oxygen in comparison to the rest of the group because I was more relaxed. I thought this hysterical because I was literally freaking out while under the water, I hate swimming normally, never mind being meters under the water swimming around without being able to see land. Marco told me after that he was cursing me under the water, bubbles would hit his stomach, and he'd freak out not knowing what it was, until he'd spot me swimming underneath him.

Day 3: I woke up before Dawn, I could not stay below deck on the catamaran. I got up and fell asleep on deck. Took some cool shots, then got dressed for the day. Sleeping quarters were a little cramped, so I waited until everyone was up to actually change. We then got off the boat and headed to Whitehaven, the world ranked beach where "Fool's Gold" was filmed. The sand is not sand, but silica! It's great supposedly for cleaning jewelry.

We then went back to the boat, and went Scuba diving again! We saw a turtle, a bullray, baby fishies, and Nemo! My mask was leaking the entire time. I kept having to blow it clear. I also because of the off breathing was bouncing around like a little yo-yo. Richie, came over to fix my equilibrium. He pumped the red air button twice and then turned around to swim on. I could not swim after him, I was floating up. I lost him, Tommy, and Nick. I was alone. It was all blue, could not even see the reef. Ever have a nightmare when you're alone in open water? Hello, welcome to my second Scuba Dive. I figured it would be better to swim to the surface than swim to find them. I started hyperventilating and forgot to breathe a few times on the way up. I got up to the top, and tried to get my bearings. The last few feet to the top were the worst. It must have been only a second, but it felt like 10 minutes, where I felt as if I'd never reach the top. Richie rounded up Tommy and Nick right away and was up to the surface in seconds. "You alright?" "Yea, I just lost you guys." I also told him my tank was whistling, he said not to worry about it. I kept checking the gauge anyways though, on top of clearing my mask out. We went to the tunnel of love, and ran into another scuba diving group. In the meantime, one of the two boys swam by me and knocked off my mask, just to my forehead. Again, worst nightmare? Not being able to see under the water? I relaxed and just did what I had been doing the entire time, put the mask on, put two fingers at the top, and blew air out my nose like five times. I almost lost them again, but thankfully they had stopped to take photos. Then one of them sank literally while swimming on top of me. I gave the kid a push up as I was already on the ocean floor. Needless to say I did not go on the third dive and went snorkeling instead. Snorkeling was a blast though too. We saw George, this HUGE blue fish. All the guys had their heads in the water, so I looked down too. I jerked back screaming out of the water, this thing could have swallowed my arm no problemo. We learned it was harmless when the captain Harry came to pick us up. The fish still made me nervous, so as we were being towed I looked back down into the water to make sure it wasn't around. Sure enough, it was close enough to give me a kiss. For the second time I screamed, all the boys instantly put their heads back in the water. Later that night we drank on the boat and enoyed the sunset.
Day 4: We got up, went snorkeling, then went sailing back home to Arlie. Back at Arlie we fell asleep on the beach. When I woke up it was aff in a dream, there were Camels walking past me. In this phot they are further away, literally when I woke up? they were right in front of the first palm tree, less than 5 feet away from me, it was the weirdest best sensation ever. I felt so safe sleeping there on the beach with my new friends. When I woke up I went to get coffee and a snack at the Village Cafe and then went back to enjoy it. I have never woke up so pleasantly discombobulated. Yachts, sailboats, camels, palm trees, good company, real life suddenly the dreamlife and viceaversa. I then sat by the water as the boys slept on. It was gorgeous. Somebody then started sending their dogs toy over my head, eventually the dog was playing with me, dropping its little football with eyes that said 'play with me.' Eventually the owner got too close and I got up and left. The boys by this time were up and were watching the situation. I felt alot better, a bit more secure knowing that they were aware. Marco laughing said it reminded him of the Corona commercial, and then proceeded to explain it when I told him I had no idea what he was talking about.  I went off again to the beach after chatting with the boys for a bit, and fell asleep on the beach. There were a few hippies and one by one they came to chat. One of the girls, rasta braids, hairy legs, piercings, tattoos, came to sit and chat. She was very interesting, and very friendly. I really liked her, she told me to go to Tamborine Mtn. She also told me how safe/great hitchhiking was, I think its great that she trusts people to the extent she'll jump into a 18 wheeler with a truck driver, and have dinner later with his family, but even after the conversation I do not think I could ever in a million years hitchhike like that. Nick came down to chat also and then the conversation became heated. She turned into an activist, I couldn't handle it and left. She was talking about coke and nestle products.

We finally got into a taxi to leave paradise and went to the airport. We got onto the plane, to the train, to the bus, finally took a long shower, and hopped into bed.

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