Sunday, February 13, 2011

The start of my next adventure

Finally procured my Visa after unnecessary and unexplainable technicalities. I still have no idea what was amiss regarding the process. After the umpteenth time of filling the application out (passport, COE, fee, personal history) it eased painlessly along to submit. Then in half a day I received an email with my Visa.

One of my (I've previously been to Bond University so now I'm your Bentley student contact) sent all the upcoming fall Bond students this email:

“Future Bondies!

So you all have a month until you leave for the best semester of your lives… prepare yourselves, and get pumped… If you have any questions at all about Bond/school, Gold Coast/Austria, things to do, places to go, people to see, what to pack, or any questions at all about your semester in Australia, e-mail Paul and I. We’re here to help you guys out, so you have a blast… you’re in for some good times, and you’re gonna make some great friends.
Easy days,

p.s.- DON’T GET THE PLAN B PARTY PASS, WHAT EVER YOU DO… IT’S A RIP OFF, and for you 14 or 15 guys on this trip, I hear Helen Longvall is single and ready to mingle, haha. Kiddinggg.

(sorry Helen… had to do it. seeya when you get back!)”

Am I the only one who read "14-15 Guys. Single and ready to mingle. Party pass. Plan B." and wanted to bury my head in the sand like a little baby ostrich?  In reality, judging by the email, it's 16 guys.

Additionally, last night I received a reply message from the other contact student, it was literally a page or two long filled with useful information on adaptors/what groups to join/cell phones/and fun activities. Really appreciated!! Guess we know which student contact to refer questions to... Thanks guys!

As of this past Monday, I am now registered for four classes: Image and Photography, Australian History, Advertising Principles, and Sports Marketing! Thanks to the 14 hour time difference, allowing for early registration almost a full day before other Bond Students, I was able to secure the classes that I wanted!

I just finished reading "In a Sunburned Country" and am now wishing that Bill Bryson would teach my Australian History course! Bryson in his novel, In a Sunburned Country, spends most of his time humourously discussing the various ways in which one can meet their end in Australia. ...Or maybe that is just what I was picking up on...

On page 6 he sets up his novel stating: Australia started as a prison and 'It has more things that will kill you than anywhere else. It's a tough place.' There was also a direct reference to Queensland. I guess I'll read on.
He also manages to concrete my enthusiasm in my choice Study Abroad location; on page 176 he quotes one of his companions writing:
"They're crazy in Queensland. Madder than cut snakes. You'll like it up there."
He is absolutely one of my all time favorite authors. To wit: "They built a memorial to him [him, being Harold Holt a Prime Minister who drowned by Cheviot Beach] in Melbourne ... A municiple swimming pool." His books are a great read.

Flying out Sept 4th stopover in L.A. yeee

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