Sunday, February 13, 2011


This entire week I felt like I was still on the boat. I've also been severely lethargic, reminiscent of sophomore year when I thought I had mono. One of the girls here gave me some addy while we were out partying and the next day I felt 100 times better, if anything just a bit more wired, which is amazing considering I had lacked energy to even stay focused facebooking. I went for a run, did the work I had failed to do during the week, then went to class early.

Today I woke up at 6 A.M. and got onto a bus with Bond's Exploration Society to Mt Ngungun. We were going Rock Climbing and Abseiling in the Glasshouse Mountains. They are named that due to Cook's, one of Australia's premier explorer's, revelation that the mountains, while sailing past, reminded him of the glasshouses in England. I went climbing with Shauna, Libby, and Marisa, it was great because one could climb, one would belay, one would stand as back up, and the other would be the photog! I belayed for Shauna, who stated before she started up: "don't drop me or I'll kill you." Marisa belayed for me, and helped me all the way up to the top! I can sometimes become scared of heights, like psyched out, but faced with a challenge of reaching the top, my natural competitive spirit was brought out and up I went! The only slight fear I felt was when I looked down while climbing, I loved looking out and across the mountain, it was such a surreal view; however, looking down made me queasy for all of two seconds. We all made it to the top, our groups claim to fame!

Today I've been in the lib and running around getting photos printed. I am a 6th of the way done with my history paper, obviously have more work to do tonight! There is a killer lightning storm occurring outside and I am sitting here with a cup of tea watching the rain fall and dance down. Right before the rain started falling the air smelt so fresh. Like a coconut room spray, without the chemicals. It was the most amazing scent, I just wanted to stand there and get high off of it. Then lightning started cracking, so I quickened the pace back down to my dorm.

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