Monday, February 14, 2011


I am finally back at Bentley, I am getting adjusted to being back at school and trying to keep my act together, although it is hard sometimes. My friends make things both harder and easier because I often get overwhelmed by how great my friends actually are. People always say you don't realize how much you miss things until their gone. That is certainly true, but I am certainly overwhelmed by how many great individuals are now constantly running in and out of my life. I am taking six courses and am already hitting the lib. I was doing three hours of cardio a day (between gym and p90x) but then took a break for four days, hopefully I'll be back at it tomorrow... My roommates are wonderful, they are all very motivated and I am hoping some of that will rub off on me. Three of them are in Dphie with me the last, Kaity loves to bake and do yoga, she's really into recycling and eating healthy which I am all for! I am not the best at knowing what can be recycled yet, but she's teaching me!

Bestos is finally back in my life! I finally have a little!! About 40 new sisters since I last left, and about 30 that I will sorely miss(but know I will see allllllll the time). Man is it good to be back in the states! Cannot wait for future adventures. Later and out!

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