Sunday, February 13, 2011

My lips are sealed

It seems like I am going to be unbelieveably busy with school work. I am giving a presentation on Wednesday, ad journals due the following week, 28 photos to pass in tomorrow, write a business plan by Friday. ...I'm confused when did Bond become Bentley?

In anycase, thus far I have read two books and watched a documentary on Mary Bryant. One remarkable lady, an escaped convict. Sent to Botany Bay (Australia) to serve out her sentence for stealing a silk bonnet. On her voyage she gave birth to Charlotte whom she named after the boat. Once in Australia she married William Bryant, a fisherman, gave birth to his son Emmanuel, and tried her best to keep her family healthy through dire conditions. She later made her escape with six other men and her new family; however, on the crossing back to England, she was recatured and lost her husband and two children to illness. When she arrived in England she was a local celebrity, and was able to attain the generosity of Boswell who helped her gain the freedom she desired. The End.
Like seriously? Why are there 300 pages in one resource dedicated to that? The sources conflict in data. It's given me a headache. Clearly, I deserve a surf vacation.
I met up outside with about 20 other kids from Bond going on the surfing weekend. Got up on waves, learned to pump and steer. My body is in more pain than it has been in years, and I like it. I look terrible surfing, most awkward being alive, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and am slightly addicted. Socially, the weekend was out of control.

So the weekend was out of control. I did not want to give details as they are pretty insane, but as there are photos are now on facebook (of some of it), might as well explain the part that has made it's way onto the web: We played "Aussie flip cup" pretty much if you lose the winning team makes like a dare for the losing team. Examples: snog down the losing line, lick your teeth down the losing line, lick from chin to forehead down the losing line, spit wine into the next persons mouth (from start to finish) down the losing line... etc. high stakes to win, I was sufficiently grossed out when we lost initially and heard the first dare to the point I chugged quite a bit more wine before letting anyone touch me. Then ad in the factor that once you sat down, you were stuck in the spot you sat down in. No switching teams, or position along the line. People were obviously drunk, some borderline blackout. Some guys sat down next to their best friend ready to play flip cup, lost, and would end up having to kiss the guy next to them. Hysterical.
So obviously I tried cheating (we all know I have a phobia of spit). Additionally thought I was being nice, I stuck up my sleeve and pretended to lick instead of really licking the last guy, but the kid called me out! "She didn't lick me!!!!" Didn't realize people would wantt to be licked..
The night went on and most of us went skinny dipping. Kelsey, myself, Leila, and one of the surfing instructors went in first. Then about 10 dudes and two girls followed suit. When we were done streaking, Kels and Leila decided they would steal everyones clothes, moveing them up the beach a bit.
Other shenanigans continued throughout the night, pillow theft, crazy fights, and continued insanity... hopefully none of those hit facebook! This was seriously the best weekend I have experienced here in Australia! Met some great kids and am really looking forward to more weekends like this to come! :)

**Thank you Elle and Colleen for the photos!**

We stopped on the way back in Byron Bay. I grabbed a gelato from 'PINK': "Scoop of Pistacio and Noccio in a cone please"

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