Sunday, February 13, 2011


I arrived at 2 a.m. well after reception left, and went out into the city before reception got in. I was alone in the city with no map, and no idea where anything was. Yet somehow I managed, due to all of the great people I ran into. Guys would literally just walk up, have a chat, and offer to walk with me to where ever I was going. I really felt comfortable in Melbourne. I walked for 10 mins up the street to the Nunnery, and waited for the bus tour to get there. In the mean time a girl walked by and offered me tea and crackers, a guy walked by and offered me a ride, a old man offered me a croisant. This city is beyond liveable, very comforting.

I got on the bus and left for the Great Ocean Road. I really wish I had had the nerve to just rent a car and do the trip myself. The day tour was seriously rushed. Additionally, it was pouring, like usually I have great weather, but this trip was horrid weather wise. Yet, everything happens for a reason, due to the weather I got some sick pictures. The rainforest was so vibrant and rich in greenery and color. The hues in every shot were slightly more dense in saturation. I was glad to be travelling by myself at that point in a bus full of Asians as I looked a complete mess. My hair was all tangeled from being blown around while wet, I had slept with contacts in, so I had bags under my eyes.. overall not a good look for anyone.

I got back to the hostel and the one of the guys who I had ran into earlier that morning, looked at me with a face that asked "Wait... are you the girl from earlier?" I just smailed and said I'll be back down in a bit. I literally ran upstairs ran into a roomfull of judging girls who had spent the day dolled up at the derby, threw on a dress, and ran into the bathroom to put on some concealer to hide the eyebags, quickly coated my lashes with dior mascera, ran my fingers through my touseled hair, and ran back into the room to throw on heels and noticed the other girls in the room had suddenly changed their tune. It took them three seconds to close their gaping mouths. "Where are you going tonight?" "Are you staying here long" "Wait, where did you say you were from" ... guess there is something to appearance. I just smiled, "Oh, I'm meeting up with a friend for drinks, hope you girls have a good night!" I continued running down the stairs and ran into the reception asking how to get to 5-17 flemington st RMIT village.

There, the Scottish guy was waiting and eyeing me once again and this time he voiced his confusion, "Wait, are you the girl who just flew up the stairs to change out of a hoodie?" I replied that in fact I was that sorry mess. He laughed and just stood there for a few seconds and said "wow, that was quick" then kindly offered to walk me to a bottle shop to get some wine, and take me to RMIT. On the walk he kept offering compliments. I am the most awkward person whenever people try to compliment. I get tonguetied not knowing how to respond. He told me everyone must be jealous to see him 'strollin with such a model.' When he initially out of left field told me that I 'shape up' real nice, surprised I did a heel slip. oops. In anycase, he gave me his number in case I needed any help around the city once we reached RMIT. He continued on his way saying he needed to find some substances for the night and to call him if things needed to become more exciting and excused himself for a smoke. The Scottish kid was nice enough, had a kid which was why he was still in Melbourne because the girl he 'used to date' was Australian. He was quite the character..

Meg called as I arrived, she is a fellow Bentley student who is studying at RMIT. Love that girl. We drank a bottle of wine each, took tequila shots, and had vodka tonics. Needless to say we were in a good place after our quick pre-drink. We then left for a bar and at the end of the night hit up McDs. I got back to the room and literally crashed forgetting to call the Scott. Whoops. I saw him the next morning as I was leaving to go to the Eureka Skydeck and just smiled and said 'Hi' as I slided by. I was horridly hungover/ maybe still intoxicated, I have no idea how I got to the skydeck, but it was a wonderful location to sober up. High above this city sipping on a long black with a chocolate chip muffin I thought how peculiar that this city appears as all of my 'failed' cities do in the initial growth stages of sim city and about all of the great Bentley kids who have studied abroad in this city before me.

After I took a walk around and sat by the upside down river. It was so murky and trashed it really did appear to be upside down. Then I met up with Meg again for crepes, shopping, and dinner. I got back to the hostel and literally fell asleep in the Lobby for an hour, and then left to get on the Sun bus to Avalon Airport. I got home around 2 A.M.

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