Monday, February 14, 2011


I love when my sister greets me at the airport with a delicious grande peppermint mocha latte in Maui. I think I am a pro with doing transfers and layovers. I once used to get queusy and extremely nervous before I jumped on a plane, but now it feels weird to think that this is my last lonesome trip. My father loves Maui and wanted to take us for the holiday season. For christmas we went to eat at Cheeseburger in Paradise.

 For New Years we celebrated at the Hotel, we had learned from Christmas celebrating that the island is extremely low key when it comes to celebrating holidays with the family. We managed to have alot of fun together goofing around though!

 We went horseback riding through pineapple fields, whale watched, went surfing, shopping, and took a helicopter ride over a volcano, we went and adventured around the island on the road to hana, and tried out alot of restaurants.
Maui really is beautiful. One of my guy friends lives there, he is such a sweet kid and fun to be with. I called him up and told him where I was and soon enough he picked me up and brought me like 100 meters down the road to a cliff where a sign read "do not jump." He parked the car and stood on the edge with me explaining that someone once jumped off the cliff in a white prom dress. I read up on the cliff later and it is a dangerous 40 ft cliffhead that the natives would jump off in ceremonies to prove their manhood. My friend, Hawaii, leaped off the cliff into the water, I waited a bit before I joined him. I literally slapped into the water, so painful! I had bruises all over my legs, and even the bottom of my chin, for two weeks. So sore! It was such a great trip over all. I spent the first two weeks of my year abroad in Jamaica with my family, and then the last two weeks in Maui. I guess its true that everything starts and ends with Family. 

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