Sunday, February 13, 2011


Thursday: Libby's 21st B-day! I had to register that night, so I could not drink! Love Marisa for letting me use her room and ethreanet set up... Literally at 11:58 I handed my half finished vredbull to Libby and ran from the bar to her room. Got all my courses! General Business 401, 2 Science electives, Lit, and Marketing Research. After this semester, provided the online Macro course occurs, I shall be completely done with General Education requirements! Hooray.

Dear Bentley Registrar, granted I was up anyways, I do not think I should be compelled to stay up until 12 a.m. to register. Rather, I do not think I should have to plan my social life, or change my drinking habits on a thursday night due to an 'early' registration time. Love, Helen's liver.
Friday I went to Burleigh heads with Gu to finish up my Photography second assignment portfolio. We had to take outdoor profile, advertising, and a creative shot of a building during magic hour. That night I went to a Bond Uni Party with the scandanavian girls, then went out to a local club East, watched a girl ribbon dance, then left to another club where Tina&Tina got us into a VIP bar, found myself recieving free drinks for the remainder of the night. Other than those two nights I was in the library. Saturday night I got a message from the boys to go on skype. They panned the room to an interesting smooch sesh and a girl passed out on their thigh, and then asked why I wasnt going out. Oiy. P.s. Like your dress mom?

Following weekend? Byron Bay. Gu and I went into Byron for the night to meet up with Tina. We walked around the city shopping in the rain and as soon as it lightened up we walked up to the lighthouse! Then Tina saw hanggliders and decided she wanted to play. We chilled at the beach the next day. We had had a 10:30 skydive appt, but because of the rain we did not end up being picked up until around 3:30. We slept on the beach, had some tea at a cafe, and then did some shopping and walked around a bit more.

Then we went Skyyyyyydiving. The thrill was unbelievable. I was excessively calm perusual. I always knew it takes alot for me to emote, but apparently I underestimated myself. The tandem flyer asked me if I do extreme often and if this was a repeat flight because I was so eerily calm. I got out of the plane as if in a daze, everyone else was going might as well go too. I leaned back my head and literally was smiling thinking about how I was achieving one of my goals for the semester. Scubadiving and skydiving in Australia... conquering both above and below. 

The free fall was incredible. I had been fearful that I would feel like on the tower of terror when your stomach drops and you feel nauseas. That did not occur though, its just a superior rush. Literally you feel weightless, nothing else matters as you fall from the sky. Natural high definetly. He caught my hair elastic as it was falling out during free fall... pretty good trick. On the way down after the tandem flyer let go of the shute he asked if I wanted to "play around" "yah" was all I managed to reply. I would have said yes to him letting go of the straps, I was that out of it. I could not hear out of one ear, and my entire body was reacting as if it had just had a couple energy drinks. We started spinning down to the bottom, all I remember is him saying: "Not too bad an office." He had done this job for 14 years predominately at the same location... I'd have to agree with him, the view is amazing.

 I had been so wrapped up with school work that I could not do much other than school. I really literally lived in the library the past two weeks and my body is still crying in pain due to looking at computer sceens for so long. I wrote a history paper, an advertising paper, gave an advertising presentation, wrote a marketing plan, gave a sports marking presentation, and wrote a few speeches basically in two weeks. After my presentation I left the following morning at 4:30 am to Fraser island with leila. I slept the entire way there, then did not even go out that night. I am still exhausted, but I have another 2 papers and exams to study for. I am soo excited to be going to Maui with the fam after this, even though I am already down under, it is currently raining and when it is sunny, I end up in the library anyways. Woof.

Some photos I took this week:


Last weekend I went to day drink for a few hours for a break. Hah I was in bed by 10, but I had alot of fun with the scandanavian girls. We had a smorgashboard of amazing scandanavian foods, later in the evening some of the Bentley kids walked in and joined it. It was fun, we played the drinking game and thumper :)

Leila and I then decided to do a spur of the moment trip to fraser island. We spotted dingos, went for a run, layed out and enjoyed the few moments of sun we had. It was an amazing trip. I loved the island! We went to Rainbow Beach, drove across 75 mile beach, eli creek, and more. It was amazing! We took a few hikes and had shell races.

The next two weeks are finals aka crunch time. The boys all left for an RV trip around NZ but I am unfortunately stuck at home writing a marketing business plan (40 pgs), and advertising plan (35 pgs), advertising critique paper (10 pgs), History Paper (4 pgs), and studying for exams, putting together a final portfolio... soo much fun!

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