Sunday, May 30, 2010


"I hear you call my name. & it feels like home."       These girls are all so amazing in every way and I swear have the gumption, attitude, and will to outshine the world.

I'm still asking myself constantly how I got so lucky to live surrounded by so many funny, inspiring, intelligent, crazy, people. My life is truly blessed. 

 "I heard Americans party with red cups" 
Silly string. Bubbles. Breaking down walls.
Successful weekend back.
Going from having about 10 numbers in my British brick to a couple 100 in my storm is pure insanity.
 Its the third week home and I'm still not used to everything. It's so great (and weird) to be back on Bentley's campus in the lib studying. It's wonderful to just sit at parties and hear all of my friends voices blending together in a familiar buzz, and I am so grateful I got to see my sister Rebecca throw jav at the state meet, to see my sister Juliette graduate high school, and watch both of them leave with their dates for prom. 

There's a letter posted under the recent blog post titled "Thank You's" which has solidified the fact that my 5 month hiatus in Europe was just a brilliant test pilot of what I plan on experiencing in my life time.

To follow me on my next big adventure
Livin' in a Land Down Undah

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